Web Design & Development

A responsive web design/ website is a website that adapts to any screen size (laptop, desktop, mobile, pad, tab etc) so it’s as easy to use on any devices without any visual obstructions. Responsive design is a way to optimize the layout in a manner that all the significant information is presented in an optimal viewing way, with ease of reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning and scrolling any kind of device or screen size. At DDD we offer the excellent Responsive web design services making the website effective and easy to use on any device.

What we offer:

  • Responsive to all screens/ devices
  • Cross browser compatibility
  • Good User Experience
  • Fast response time
  • SEO friendly
  • Web Security
responsive web design and development
domain hosting
Domain, Hosting & Maintenance

A domain name is the URL or web address you register that people will use to access your site. For an instance destinydesigndigital.com.au is a domain or web address. Website hosting is where you store the files that make up your website. When you visit a web address the domain requests the file that is hosted on a hosting server pointed to that specific domain. Hosting prices vary significantly based on the features offered.

What we offer:
  • Domain Privacy
  • Secured and reliable service
  • SSL Certificate
  • Domain manager
  • Fast hosting server
  • Cost effective maintenance
Content Management System

A content management system (CMS/WCMS) supports the creation, management, distribution and publishing information. WCMS means web content management system. CMS is designed to support the management of the content of Web pages. The list of CMS is pretty long but based on market share statistics, the most popular content management system is WordPress. According to W3techs, WordPress has 58.55% of the CMS marketshare which is more than all other systems (eg, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, Ruby) combined.

Why CMS and why wordpress?

  • Easy to use and maintenance
  • User friendly interface
  • Customisable
  • Secure and safe
  • Fully dynamic
  • Mobile friendly
  • Multimedia support
  • Social media integration
  • Multi user capability and many more


With 5+ years in ecommerce development, our company offers intelligent solutions to online businesses worldwide. Our portfolio comprises complex projects with large numbers of SKUs (10,000 – 100,000) and budget over $500,000. We provide strong support to newly created online stores. Working closely with marketing and product managers, we help them efficiently manage complex products and promote multiple categories, as it was with one of our hallmark projects – a 3D virtual online store.

What we offer:

  • Business analysis
  • UX research and design
  • Ecommerce website design and redesign
  • Ecommerce website development
  • Migration to a modern ecommerce platform
  • Mobile commerce development
  • Custom extensions and plugins development
  • Maintenance and support